259 Van Horne Ave.
Montreal, QC
H2V 1H9

In addition to our industry leading products, Shafter Bros. offers its clientele an array of services designed to better their business. Please contact us if you are interested in either our Energy Management Control or our Steam System Training.

Energy Management Control Services

Our Energy Management Control Services are here to save you money. Our EMC specialists are expertly trained in surveying your steam systems and to provide you with a comprehensive plan to maximize its effectiveness. Our goal is to cut costs in maintenance, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental waste.

Steam System Training

Shafter Bros. is home to the most innovative Training Centre in Canada. Our facilities provide you the best solutions in effectively understanding and applying steam. With a full range of steam traps, instrumentation control systems, condensate recovery units, pressure reducing valves and flow metering equipment, our centre is fully operational in a wide range of capacities and operating steam pressures. Our Demonstration Facility allows our clientele access to the most user-friendly and interactive experience with steam. Technical support can be given in a hands-on environment.

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